Club Rules & Regulations

Wood & Wheels ATV Club is a family oriented organization. As such, we strive to maintain an environment which is safe, friendly and fun for everyone. In order to help ensure this is the case we are in the process of establishing a set of rules that we are asking everyone to observe when riding. While we know we can not strictly enforce these rules since Woods & Wheels ATV Club is an all volunteer group, we do hope that you will review the rules below and choose to be a responsible rider.

They Are . . .

No alcohol allowed at any club event regardless of the location - Operating an ATV while drinking is not only unsafe, it is illegal in most places.

Obey posted signs and stay on the trails - The quickest way for you to be banned from most riding areas is to fail to follow the trail rules and signs. Further, venturing from marked trails can result in a rider coming face to face with unexpected obstacles such as ditches, drop offs, cliffs, trees, etc.

Respect other riders and the environment and do not ride down trees or otherwise cause any damage to person or property - This is just common sense. Also, if you damage property while riding you will likely not only be held financially responsible for the damage, but you may be ruining a good riding location for the rest of us.

Watch your speed. Riding at excessive speeds not only endangers you but others around you.

helmet imageWear and use proper safety equipment - Another common sense rule. Without proper safety equipment you are putting yourself at unnecessary risk. Further, more and more of the trails are now requiring the proper use of safety equipment in order to ride. At a minimum you should wear a helmet. Eye protection is another important piece of safety equipment. If you can't see you can't drive! Gloves, over-the-ankle boots, long sleeve shirts and long pants are also important parts of your safety gear when riding.

Ride the right ATV. Most manufacturers recommend certain size ATV's for certain ages. Most manufacturers recommend an ATV less than 70cc for children under 12, a 70cc to 90cc ATV for children 12 to 16 and an ATV larger than 90cc for people over 16. An ATV that is too large for the rider can be dangerous. Smaller children do not have the strength to control the larger ATV's in difficult situations.

Enforce policies and rules, this is your group and it is your responsibility to make it work and keep it safe - If you see someone violating a rule, law or policy let them know. We are all responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of our riding locations. The more we police ourselves the less others will feel the need to do so for us.

Know the law - Learn the ATV laws in your state and those in the areas you will be riding. Knowledge of the laws will not only help keep you safe but it may help you avoid an expensive ticket or worse.

While Woods & Wheels ATV Club is an all volunteer organization, we do reserve the right to ask anyone that poses a safety risk to themselves or others, disobeys the rules (group, trail, state or federal law, etc.), or otherwise causes a disturbance or to leave group sponsored events and / or to discontinue their membership in Woods & Wheels ATV Club and use of Woods & Wheels ATV Club's resources (depending on the violation).

Tread Lightly

Woods & Wheels ATV Club also supports the Tread Lightly philosophy:

Travel and recreate with minimum impact

Respect the environment and the rights of others

Educate yourself--plan and prepare before you go

Allow for future use of the outdoors--leave it better than you found it

Discover the rewards of responsible recreation

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