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This page is provided as a service to Woods & Wheels ATV Club site visitors. Woods & Wheels ATV Club can not be held responsible for errors contained in these FAQ's or any other section of this website. Woods & Wheels ATV Club strives to ensure that all our content is kept up-to-date. However, laws and regulations regarding ATV's and their use change frequently. Further, Woods & Wheels ATV Club is an all volunteer organization and as such time and resources are limited. Please remember that Woods & Wheels ATV Club is NOT offering any legal advice. We are simply trying to raise awareness.

Do I Have To Register My ATV?

The answer is Yes, unless it qualifies as exempt from registration.
See the following MN Statutory language:


Subdivision 1. General requirements
Unless exempted in subdivision 1a, a person may not operate and an owner may not give permission for another to operate an all-terrain vehicle within the state unless the vehicle has been registered with the commissioner of natural resources, or is exempt from registration.

Subdivision 1a. Exemptions
All-terrain vehicles exempt from registration are:

  1. vehicles owned and used by the United States, an Indian tribal government, the state, another state, or a political subdivision;
  2. vehicles registered in another state or country that have not been in this state for more than 30 consecutive days;
  3. vehicles that:
    1. are owned by a resident of another state or country that does not require registration of all-terrain vehicles;
    2. have not been in this state for more than 30 consecutive days; and
    3. are operated on state and grant-in-aid trails by a nonresident possessing a nonresident all-terrain vehicle state trail pass;
  4. vehicles used exclusively in organized track racing events; and
  5. vehicles that are 25 years old or older and were originally produced as a separate identifiable make by a manufacturer

Woods & Wheels ATV Club provides some additional information on state registration requirements.

Please note: Woods & Wheels ATV Club encourages all riders to register their ATV if their state offers registration. In most cases a portion of the registration fee goes towards trail maintenance. Further, having your ATV registered makes it easier to access things like your VIN number in the event your ATV is stolen.

What Can I Do To Be Safer On My ATV?

That is an excellent question. Safety is every riders responsibility. Woods & Wheels ATV Club provides a page full of ATV related safety tips. You can visit that page by clicking here.

In addition to safety tips, you will also find a link to the ATV Safety Institute (ASI). ASI provides ATV rider training and has an impressive list of ATV publications available to ATV riders.

What Does It Cost To Become A Member Of
Woods &' Wheels ATV Club?

There is a annual membership fee into Woods & Wheels ATV Club. Woods & Wheels ATV Club is a group of ATV riders that use this website to communicate with each other, schedule rides and to otherwise exchange information. Woods & Wheels ATV Club hope to offer their members additional benefits such as discounts at ATV dealerships, voting rights, access to different parts of the online forum including a chat room and other things too.

Where Do Woods & Wheels
ATV Club Members Ride?

Woods & Wheels ATV Club members ride all over. We ride on public lands where riding areas and have been established and on private property when permission has been obtained from the owner. The vast majority of our rides are on county and state forest lands in and around Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. However, several times a year riders will get together and schedule rides to other areas of Minnesota and  North Dakota.

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